Why Scrub Clean?

Project Management


It is the Scrub Clean policy to perform all activities in a manner that reflects a total commitment to quality, dedication and integrity. We tailor our cleaning program to meet the specific needs of each client. At the start of a contract, our management will meet with your team personally, walk through your facility and listen to your goals and requirements. We will then design a cleaning program that achieves these requirements, with provisions for on-going monitoring and inspection. Services can be provided as often as 7 days per week, 24 hours per day or as little as once per month. Our cleaning crews can work day or night or on-demand in the event that an emergency clean up arises – whatever best meets your needs. We assign cleaning specialists who will be trained and equipped for your specific job, and who have been kept up-to-date on best practices in the specific tasks to be assigned to them. 

Kick Off Meeting


All new contracts start with a kick-off meeting at which Scrub Clean’s management team reviews scope and performance expectations with the client. The account will be assigned a single point of contact and accountability; the client will be provided with this person’s 24/7 contact information, as well as the contact information for a secondary contact. In this way the client will always be able to reach someone who is familiar with your account and who can provide timely assistance as needed.

Site Conditions Survey


The Field Supervisor will survey the site using a checklist developed internally or one provided by the client, as appropriate. At this time, the Field Supervisor will make note of the general condition of all areas, surfaces and materials to be included in the contract, and will make the client aware of any deficiencies. The Field Supervisor may take digital photos of the deficiencies for reference as well. The client and the Field Supervisor will communicate to confirm whether deficiencies, if any, (i) change the contract requirements, or (ii) require correction prior to contract start and, if the former (iii) who will make those corrections. Following these discussions, the scope of work will be revised, if necessary, and agreed to by both parties.



The Field Supervisor will customize a Work Plan and Schedule based on the Scope of Work that was revised or confirmed in the Site Conditions Survey. Staff and equipment will be allocated to the project. Further, the Field Supervisor will customize company Quality, Safety and Environment plans for the specific project. These will be presented to the client for approval prior to the start of work. 

Walk-Through and Team Orientation


The Field Supervisor will assign staff with the experience and availability to implement the work plan and quality, safety and environmental plans as approved. The client will be provided with a roster of staff assigned, with key information. Staff will be provided with an orientation to the assignment in the Scrub Clean Office, including a review of techniques if appropriate. The Field Supervisor and the staff will then conduct a walk-through with the client to review approach, products, on-site storage, key and alarm management, and other project requirements.

Contact Start: First 30 Days


Staff performance under the contract will be closely monitored for the first 30 days to ensure that our staff is meeting client needs and requirements, and that any start-up issues that arise are quickly addressed. During this period, the Field Supervisor will visit weekly to inspect conditions and coordinate with the client weekly or as needed. All Scrub Clean employees will be uniformed and will carry company identification at all times while on your premises. 

Contract Management

 Once the staff has been trained and observed through the first 30 days, they will be supervised per the contract specifications. The Field Supervisor [or, An On-Site Supervisor] will provide oversight and inspection of work on an on-going basis. Staff performance will be monitored to ensure that they are using their time productively and that the quality of their work meets the client’s expectations 

On-Going Client Communications


The client can call the Single Point of Contact in the field, or the Program Administrator in the office as needed to answer questions or resolve issues. These persons will have the skills and ability to communicate orally and in writing and possess the management skills necessary to address customers. All client requests will be logged and monitored through resolution and handled in a timely manner. The Field Supervisor [or, The On-Site Supervisor] will be in contact to ensure that client needs, expectations and requirements are being met.