Our Approach

What to expect from us

Scrub Clean Maintenance Corp. will provide the trained personnel, supervision, materials and equipment to perform full-service janitorial and custodial services for commercial clients. Our certifications include: DBE-NYSUCP; NYC M/WBE; NYS WBE; Section 3; NY & NJ Minority Supplier Dev. Council; Port Authority of NY/NJ; Minority & Women-owned small business enterprise and WOSB. 


All Scrub Clean staff to be assigned to the project will be uniformed and will carry company identification at all times while on your premises. Where desired or required, our employees also will be bonded and insured.

Staff Training and Orientation 

Scrub Clean supervisors will ensure that all staff assigned to the project know their schedule, understand the site-specific work plan, and can perform their tasks. In addition to a pre-start training in the office, staff will be escorted through a walk-through prior to the start of work. At this time they will learn the layout, the sequence of tasks, the quality level to be performed and any specific requirements the client might have.

Delivery of Janitorial Services

Staff will work through their tasks in the most productive manner possible and so as to cause the least disruption to facility operations. Staff will work methodically through one area at a time, completing one area before moving onto the next. Staff will be mindful not to leave materials in public places or to block exits or pathways during the course of their work. Upon completion of tasks in a working area, it will be left in a clean and orderly condition.

Equipment, Materials and Supplies

Scrub Clean will provide the equipment, materials and supplies needed to perform the work. Upon contract start, the client and Scrub Clean management will determine where equipment and supplies will be stored on-site. Staff will remove equipment and supplies from storage as needed, and will return these to their designated areas upon completion of cleaning area. 

Service Hours

Service can be provided as often as 7 days per week, 24 hours per day or as little as once per month. Our cleaning crews can work day or night or on-demand in the event that an emergency clean-up arises – whatever best meets your needs.


Emergency / Additional Work

Scrub Clean staff can be available for emergency work or work additional to the contract scope upon mutual agreement with the client.


Scrub Clean staff will comply with all the security measures, regulations and directives of the facility.

Key Control

Scrub Clean has a key control policy and maintains a database to ensure the safety and security of the keys that you entrust to us. Keys to your facility are handled only by the Chief Custodian assigned to your project. Under no circumstances are your keys ever duplicated.

Alarm Systems

Scrub Clean staff is familiar with the workings of most major alarm systems. Our staff can responsibly address facility access and security without needlessly tripping alarms or calling your staff to the property in the middle of the night.

Property Control

Field Supervisors monitor employees throughout the contract to ensure that your work is performed to the highest quality business standards and that your property is respected and well cared for. The property will be kept in a neat and orderly condition at all times. Any personal or monetary items found by Scrub Clean employees will be reported immediately to Scrub Clean’s Program Administrator, who will report this to the client and complete a lost / found item incident report. If in the course of cleaning staff notice any disturbance of property or any unsatisfactory conditions, they will report this immediately to their supervisor, who will report this to the client in a timely manner. Where appropriate, staff will take photos of the conditions and forward these to their supervisor as well.


Field Supervisors visit each project location at least once per month to ensure that workers are effectively following the work plan and schedule for each location.


Scrub Clean may use subcontractors to provide specialty services or to address emergency or additional work. In all cases, Scrub Clean will assume responsibility of all subcontracted work and the quality performance of this work. Subcontractor qualifications will be presented to the client for approval prior to the start of work.