Environmental Initiative



Scrub Clean provides commercial cleaning services with the environment in mind. Our Green products, processes and practices enhance our client’s work environment and the well-being of those who work there.

At contract start, Scrub Clean’s Field Supervisor will review the clients’ environmental needs and create an Environmental Plan that addresses the products, processes and practices to be employed at that location 

Green Cleaning Products

 Scrub Clean uses the Simply Green line of cleaners. These are acid free, non-ammoniated cleaners and low-odor floor products with minimal Hazardous Materials Identification Systems (HMIS®) ratings that are used by agencies at all levels of Government. Where requested, we also can distribute Simply Green products for clients. Products will be disposed of per manufacturer’s instructions. Disposal will be performed in the way least likely to harm the site or the environment. 



 Our employees minimize the introduction of pollutants to the work environment. Solution control equipment is used to eliminate the improper distribution of chemicals. Mops and buckets are color coded to eliminate viral and bacterial contamination to various locations. Dust mops are cleaned outdoors to eliminate the spread of dust mites and other allergens. Furniture is dusted with specialized microfiber clothes that capture dust particles instead of spreading them. Trash is disposed of in the appropriate containers or designated dumpsters. In addition, staff uses HEPA vacuums in offices where our clientele have sensitivity to dust. 


 Scrub Clean employees practice energy conservation and waste management, ensuring that our resources, and those of our clients, are prudently and cost-effectively used. Lighting is used only as needed, and Scrub Clean cleaning crews are trained to turn off lights when leaving each room. Supervisor ensure that all lights, air conditioners and heaters (unless specifically advised) are turned off upon leaving the facility. Water is run only as needed and turned off after each use. Products are used only in the amount needed to be effective.