Scrub Clean Maintenance Corp. is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment. Toward that end, the Scrub Clean Field Supervisor creates a safety plan / hazard analysis for each project to guide staff in the proper use of equipment, substances and materials while performing the scope of work.


Employees are required to be conscientious about work place safety. Toward this end we provide employee training in the proper operating methods of equipment, best practices for various cleaning strategies, and identification and remediation of dangerous conditions or hazards. Safety training is customized for each specific project and is provided as part of the project orientation. 


Scrub Clean incorporates safety strategies into our cleaning tasks. All employees wear protective gloves. Employees are advised not to handle any sharps objects such as needles, razors, scalpels etc. at the workplace. Wet floors are clearly identified as such with wet floor warning signs. Tasks that involve the potential for wet or slippery floor service are scheduled during times of low pedestrian traffic to minimize potential accidents. All chemicals are placed in non flammable containers and stored in the manufacturer-recommended storage location. Flammable or hazardous materials are visibly marked with warning and caution notes specifying their hazardous components. These materials are properly stored in a locked location in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. All Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are kept in a visible location in close proximity to these materials. 

Fire Drills

Employees are introduced to all fire exits and extinguishers upon their initial visit to the facility, and provided training in basic fire safety. Employees are advised to follow all general guidelines of routine fire drills and evacuation procedures.



The Field Supervisor [or, The On-Site Supervisor] is charged with implementing the site safety plan and in working with staff to identify, report and remediate safety hazards, as appropriate. The supervisor ensures that work proceeds in such a manner as to ensure that:

  • Stairwells, exits and passageways are kept free of obstructions at all times.
  • Equipment is not left unattended.
  • Wet floors are indicated with wet floor signs.
  • Fire doors are closed at all times unless otherwise instructed.
  • All electrical equipment and cords are periodically inspected to ensure safe conditions. 

Additionally, the supervisor will respond immediately to any safety non-conformance communications from the client.


It is Scrub Clean’s policy to report all incidents in a timely manner. A written incident report must be submitted to the Scrub Clean Maintenance Corp. Administrative Office by the close of business on the same day that an incident occurs. The Field Supervisor will investigate all safety reports, share findings with the client, and recommend or ensure the remediation of any underlying condition or process that contributed to the incident. 


If in the course of cleaning staff notice any disturbance of property or any unsafe conditions, they will report this immediately to their supervisor, who will report this to the client in a timely manner. Where appropriate, staff will take photos of the conditions and forward these to their supervisor as well.