Our Approach to Metro New York Cleaning Services and Janitorial Services

Do all commercial cleaning services in the New York region work within your budget? Do they surpass customer expectations? Do they go theextra mile to use environmentally friendly chemicals, products and equipment? Do they have project plans that they stick to, and supervisorswho really care? Does their initial inspection serve to allay your worries?  

Scrub Clean Maintenance provides cleaning specialists that are trained and equipped for the job. You deserve nothing less.

We work directly with our supply distributors to help us provide our clients with environmentally preferable cleaning chemicals, products andequipment.

Our employees are trained to service your facility utilizing the green clean program.

Project Management
It is the Scrub Clean policy to perform all activities in a manner that reflects a total commitment to quality, dedication and integrity. We tailorour cleaning program to meet the specific needs of each client. At the start of a contract, our management will meet with your team personally,walk through your facility and listen to your goals and requirements. We will then design a cleaning program that achieves these requirements,with provisions for on-going monitoring and inspection. Services can be provided as often as 7 days per week, 24 hours per day or as little asonce per month. Our cleaning crews can work day or night or on-demand in the event that an emergency clean up arises – whatever bestmeets your needs. We assign cleaning specialists who will be trained and equipped for your specific job, and who have been kept up-to-dateon best practices in the specific tasks to be assigned to them.

Quality Control
A Quality Control Plan is customized for each site and implemented through an on-going inspection and monitoring. Client requests areeffectively addressed, and all quality- control related issues are resolved in a timely manner. Scrub Clean learn the layout of the project, thesequence of tasks, the quality level to be performed and any specific requirements the client might have.

Scrub Clean Maintenance Corp. is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment. Toward that end, the Scrub Clean FieldSupervisor creates a safety plan / hazard analysis for each project to guide staff in the proper use of equipment, substances and materialswhile performing the scope of work.

A final note about commercial building cleaning NY: Specific concerns in and around the Big Apple.

  • The density of urban living tends to increase the threat of germs spreading. The workplace is one of the prime areas for bacteria and illness to spread, causing more sickness and greater employee absenteeism. It is even more imperative to professionally sanitize workplaces, for this reason.
  • Employee morale tends to be higher in a sparkling clean environment.

  • Superior janitorial services requires a certain type of individual. An outside vendor like us, Scrub Clean Maintenance, that specializes in cleaning and janitorial services, has as part of our core mission finding the right people for this type of work. Our recruitment and training process along with ongoing supervision saves your time in a metropolitan region known for ultra-long work hours and high stress. 

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